CGA Philiosphy

Along its journey CGA has been shaped by a few key beliefs…

Belief No 1 – Linking Mind & Body

Becoming the best golfer you can will never happen by focusing on just one aspect such as swing mechanics. As a human being you are a holistic integration of mind and body, and all the complex systems that come with that. You are unique. CGA coaches you as a unique individual. Your lesson plan will be tailored personally to you, and might include guidance in one of many areas from Technique to Psychology to Skill Development., and many more areas in between. We will get to the core of what you need to improve.

Belief No 2 – There is A Better Golfer Inside Everyone

When you understand the amazing ability humans have to learn you would never again doubt that there is a better golfer waiting to come out, you simply need to be guided in the right way. Very often we need to peel away the distractions and misguided beliefs that are actually stopping you playing your best. CGA coaches are skilled at doing this. Our certainty that there is a better golfer inside you will far outweigh any doubt you might have!

Belief No 3 – Coach Truths NOT Opinions

As unique as you are you are governed by certain laws of movement and focus, what we refer to as truths. It is a continual journey at CGA to keep discovering the truths as they relate to golf. The power of applying truths instead of opinions is not only do they work, but they work every time providing you apply them! These truths will act as short cuts in helping you progress towards your goals, plus helping you feel natural as you play instead of contorted and like a robot!

Belief No 4– Measure twice cut once!

Your goals will be different to the next persons. You might have more or less time; different strengths and weaknesses etc. For this reason as a new client you will be taken through a full game assessment. Here we will really get to understand you and your goals for golf. Things will come out that even you won’t have thought of , but it is only once we have all this information can we then set a very personal plan to help move you forward in the most effective way.

Belief No 5 – Is There A Better Way

In many ways this has been the driver of it all. We have continual asked this question. In essence it means can we find a more effective, simpler and more sustainable way to help golfers improve. It’s for this reason we continue to learn and research, which makes it fun for us and hopefully beneficial for you!