CGA Support Tools

“you possess more natural ability to play the game than you think. call it intuitive knowledge, call it an inner genius-the fact is, it is there.”

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional

Over the years CGA have developed and honed various support tools to help you get the most out of your coaching and develop your game in the most effective way. Your coach will likely use all of them during the course of your coaching program.

Assessment Form

To our knowledge CGA was the first academy across Europe (possibly The World) to develop any kind of structured assessment program. After 18 years it’s now in its 5th edition. The assessment form becomes a living document where your coach will record all the data they need to help you develop your game. It starts with a conversation around some specific questions so we can really get to understand you, your goals and your strengths and weaknesses. After each lesson your coach keeps a record of what has been discussed. If your coach needs to run further tests or questions again it’s all captured in this essential form. After 18 years and having been used on over 500,000 occasions from novice golfers to Ryder Cup players, the assessment form remains the lifeblood of CGA coaching…

Performance Journal

If I could only ever give one lesson it would be quite interesting what I would chose. What am certain about is that providing the golfer was prepared to do at least some practise and this was the only time I could advise them, my advice would be all about how to practise more effectively. Why? I am certain that with some specific parameters and a variety of challenges everyone would make some progress. Think about it… if I asked you to go and practise ten 3 foot puts around the hole, the odds are fairly high that your average level of success would improve the more you practised it (note I said average NOT every occasion), providing of course you stay focussed. The CGA Performance Journal does many things but none more important than providing you with a multitude of games and drills designed to develop your skill level at every area of the game. There are even games to be played on the course. In addition the journal is a place for you and your coach to record notes on your lessons and practise, there are warm up exercises to follow, and some metal game exercises.

Junior Award Program Workbook

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite are all covered in this workbook, along with a handicap and score tracker system. Juniors also have space for their own journal so they can log their questions, thoughts and ideas to discuss with their coach. The Award program booklet is unique in that it works with the individuals progress and talent and encourages them to be the best they can be rather than having to live up to someone else’s expectation. This approach combined with competition brings out the best in our juniors.

Process Score Card

CGA are renowned for their linking mind and body approach. The process score card is a tool to help this fusion whilst playing on the course. Your coach will explain how to use this tool, but rest assured providing you use it properly it can be very powerful at keeping you focussed and in the ‘now’ rather than letting your mind run those so often destructive stories that take us out of the present. A Simple yet very powerful tool.