Since its inception in 1996 my coaching has been driven by a core question and belief…

  • “Is There A Better Way?” – meaning a more effective way to help golfers improve that is natural and fun!
  • “There is a Better golfer Inside Everyone!” – when you understand how the mind and body work you are left in doubt that everyone has a greater potential waiting to come out. I have been driven to find ways of drawing this magnificence out with brain compatible methods NOT technical jargon that bears little relationship to how the human mind and body function!

2011 CGA Swing Matrix

Below are some short notes to help you understand the map…

1– The Uninterrupted Swing:

Everyone swing has compensations; they always have and always will! This is a function of human beings and the fact that we are not robots and therefore our bodies have various idiosyncrasies that our brain is taking into account while trying to swing the club and execute the shot. The uninterrupted swing therefore is how the club would work if there were no interruptions from the human body or brain! Whilst in reality we all have compensations, it is a good place to start! What is worth elaborating on is the concept of the club maintaining its relationship with the base of the plane… When the low end of the club at any point in the swing aligns itself to the base plane line (a line on the ground from the intended starting line back through the ball and beyond) it is in the optimum position to moved dynamically and powerfully back to the ball without correction. When the has not maintained its relationship with the base plane its full power can not be applied as its lines of force are aligned somewhere else and a compensation is required to re align it.

2– Factors of Interference & Correction:

The map below this subheading captures the likely factors that can change the club from moving in its ideal way. The important thing to note about the map and therefore your technical swing can be tackled from any direction. When you are dealing with ‘truths’ one change will affect other factors, i.e. a change to the set up may change the sequence of the swing; a change to your biomechanics may change your balance during the swing; a simple change to the belief you have on your swing could alter your set up, balance and impact position all in one go, the list is endless but the good news is the solutions come from limited areas all within this map, so you wont feel like you are forever searching for ‘the secret!’

3– CGA Circle Swing:

Your past and current beliefs about the golf swing will have a significant effect on how you move. The look/style of your golf swing is the result of only 2 things…
a) How you believe you should move (concept)
b) Your physical ability to move (biomechanics)

By clearing up any disempowering concepts you will gain insights that can revolutionise your swing and save a lot of unnecessary work.

4– Swing Balance:

Most if not all swing faults as we see them on video etc also have a link to the bodies balance. Each time you move away from the optimum balance your brain will get your body to compensate. This compensation we call a technical flaw but often a better understanding and

practise of balance clears the problem up naturally!

5– Biomechanics:

Each person has varying degrees of flexibility and stability and this affects how they can move and therefore what swing they will produce. If we believe this is a significant factor for you we will run a series of checks or possibly refer you to an expert, for two main reasons…

i. If your body has restrictions that make a particular swing change difficult we would be misleading you if we allowed you to pursue this swing without first dealing with your biomechanics, which very often is a few simple stretches.

ii. Again often through a few simple stretches many golfing injuries will ease making the game all round more enjoyable!

6– Sequence / Rhythm:

There is a natural order for the body to work in when making a dynamic move such as the golf swing – few people get to understand this. What is also interesting is this order is easily learnt because it is natural. Even if you have had a fairly sedentary lifestyle at CGA we have simple ways to re-activate this sequence and have you moving more naturally and in better Rhythm.

7– Set Up / Grip:

It is often said that 90% of faults stem from the starting position, at CGA we agree with this when it is taught in conjunction with other factors in this map. For this reason our coaches are very persistent about helping you get clear on the most effective set up for you and sticking with it. Small changes can often be the start to a chain of bad habits. By being persistent with the set up you save time in the long run as well as leaving your mind clear during the swing instead of cluttered!

8– The Brain:

This is the driver of it all and unless you understand how this works and the role it plays you can’t effectively develop a golfer to their full potential! The mind & body are intrinsically linked what you do with one affects the other and vice versa. It is not unusual that a golf swing improves when a golfer gets better at decision making on the course, or when they change their body language to “Act As If!” Understanding how to change the image they have of their own swing can create significant technical improvement! Your Brain is very powerful and is an essential part of The CGA Swing Matrix as well as YOUR progress as a golfer.