About Scott

“Stick to the ‘Truths’ and your golf will feel natural and your mind free. You owe it to yourself to experience this!”

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional


Scott Cranfield has dedicated his professional career…

Scott Cranfield has dedicated his professional career to inspiring others to play better golf, grow their business, and experience more personal fulfilment.

Scott’s coaching experience extends from beginner golfers through to aspiring tour players through to some of the World’s best players and business leaders.

Scott is an avid student, always pushing himself to learn more about the most lawful and sustainable way to help others develop their golf; life or business.

A PGA Master Professional, Author and experienced inspirational speaker Scott has shared his message to over a million people

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Tour Players

Coaching Tour Players is a special privilege…

Coaching Tour Players is a special privilege. From early in my coaching career it was something I was driven to do. Not making it as a player, I decided I still wanted the thrill of experiencing tour golf and the way I would do that would be to dedicate my time to learning how to help this rare breed. It was this pursuit that led me to become interested in all aspects of performance, from technique to practise habits to psychology and beyond…

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Certainly the highlight was 10 years with Sky TV…


Certainly the highlight was 10 years with Sky TV. Scott started working on a show called Golf Extra, this was a pundit role commenting on the previous weeks golf…

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Becoming A Client…

I Love coaching and I love every type of challenge so I am sure…

I Love coaching and I love every type of challenge so I am sure I would be delighted to help you, but let me first tell you more about my coaching.

My speciality is based on a holistic approach to golf, this means when we first meet I will take time to assess your strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the game…

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  • Private Client Program
  • Tour Player Program
  • Corporate Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Seminars
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Mental Game
  • Corporate Days

Life Coaching

After 20+ years of study in this field and various training programs Scott has developed a real art to help others get the most from their life as well as solve challenges they are facing. He helps clients with challenges that are quite severe, through to others with some simple challenges who are just looking for a greater level of growth in their life.

Scott has a unique archive of tools to help situations in all 7 areas of life, namely…

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Social

So if you want to maximise your life; achieve some specific goals; bring balance to an area of your life; enhance a relationship; solve a conflict in your life or grow your finances then Scott can help.

Charges: £225 – 60 mins

Life Coaching sessions can be held in person or on a Skype/Phone Call. To enquire please email Scott at scott@carzo.net

Private Client Program

This program is for you if you want to…

Immerse yourself in the theories and practices of becoming a natural golfer.

Leave absolutely clear on how one or two areas of your golf technique will make all the difference and have a chain reaction effect, thus giving you sustained progress.

Use tried and tested to systems that help you measure progress in your golf and life. Systems that make sure you get the maximum return from every hour of your day, no matter what you are doing.

Brainstorm some challenges and mysteries in your personal or business life and learn universal law based strategies to understand and solve them, no matter how challenging you feel they are.

Bring a genuine balance (not a superficial one) to your life.

Empower all 7 areas of your life, so your destiny in all areas of life is more in your hands than someone else’s. Quite often some of the World’s most successful business people have dissatisfaction in one or more of the other areas, I will show you how to bring the balance and empower all areas.

What’s involved?

Generally sessions are a full day, however sometimes half day sessions can be accommodated. Sessions can take place at one of my venues or I often travel to where a client is based.

Full Day – £2,200

Half Day – £1,200

Fees are plus reasonable expenses when travel is involved


To enquire about my Private Client Program please contact me personally on scott@carzo.net I will then arrange a call to discuss your goals in more detail.

Seminars & Consulting

Scott has been speaking to audiences in the golf and business industry since 1998. These engagements have ranged from 1 hour inspirational talks to 3 Day workshops delivering training manuals to business owners. Scott’s specialities are golf coaching and personal development as it relates to both golf and business. Scott has trained leading golf business owners as well as Blue Chip Companies.

Some of the titles of talks and seminars Scott has hosted over the years…

  • Mind of A Champion
  • Magical Concentration
  • Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams
  • The Way We Do It Here!
  • The Traits of A Winner
  • Massive Business Growth

If you feel a 1:1 consultation with Scott or arranging a full days training for your team would help, email Scott to enquire and find out more… scott@carzo.net