About Scott

“Stick to the ‘Truths’ and your golf will feel natural and your mind free. You owe it to yourself to experience this!”

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional

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Scott Cranfield in Munich

Scott Cranfield was born on December 18th 1966 to Peter and Patricia Cranfield. Scott was their 2nd son and became the younger brother to Mark. Scott was never short of what you might call ‘character’ as he was growing up, he certainly kept his parents on their toes! Along with his mischievous side, Scott often brought humor and energy to the family dynamic which helped create a strong family bond.

During his school years Scott always did just enough academically to get by, but what he did do was excel in sport. He represented his schools at district level for football, county level for cricket, and was district javelin champion 3 years running, in addition Scott won many awards for swimming. At the age of 12, Scott began to show an interest in golf. His father was a keen golfer and his brother Mark was showing some interest and talent. Until the age of 12 Scott had only really played the occasional pitch and putt during family holidays, but after several rounds of caddying for his father (and more to get the peach melba desert afterwards!) Scott began to get the bug. From about 12½ Scott would go with his father to Orsett Golf Club most Saturdays and while his father would play 18 holes followed up by some social time Scott would dedicate the full time to practicing. He would think nothing of staying on the practice ground for 3-4 hours just practicing his technique, before moving to the short game area for a further hour or two to hone his short game skills. It became clear to Scott he enjoyed the time by himself with just his clubs and his curiosity to experiment and see what golfing mysteries he might solve. Scott continued this weekly process for 6 months before even attempting his first full 18 holes. When he did his first score was 114. His dedication and enthusiasm and at this stage relatively uncomplicated approach meant he progressed quickly, and within 2 years was representing his boys county team. During these early years a few events stand out that would shape his future career. During one of his long practice session at Orsett GC another member a Mr John Smith was also practicing, they would often chat about what each other was working on. John made a comment that stuck with Scott when he commented “if you don’t ever make it as a player, you will make a great coach!” At the time it was the furthest thing from Scott’s mind but it was a signal that clearly he had the ability to explain things in a way that others understood. This type of feedback happened a few more times as Scott was trying to develop his own game.

Outside of golf there was evidence that Scott might be drawn to coaching and helping others, as he was often seen looking after and protecting smaller kids and his own brother.

Scott in Dubai

Training in Dubai

Around the age of 17 Scott’s progress as a player slowed down, it coincided with an even stronger work ethic. Having now joined the more local Chigwell Golf Club, Scott was able to cycle there and as a result would spend all is spare time on the practice area. His practice you might say became unbalanced as he became quite obsessed with perfecting his golf swing. this process seemed to do little to help his own game, but it did expand his knowledge and ability to help others. With his playing results not progressing Scott decided becoming a PGA professional would be a good focus and he was fortunate enough to get a position at Chigwell Golf Club, working for Chris Baker. Scott was now on site everyday and when he wasn’t helping out in the shop he would be found on the practice ground. Now able to use his Mum’s car he would return to the club in the evenings after dinner and quite often hit shots under the influence of the cars headlights!

After 3 years of being an assistant professional Scott’s game was clearly not going to be good enough to play for a living, so he began to try his hand at coaching, and although he enjoyed it and had some early success, the pain of not fulfilling his playing ambitions was too much at the time and Scott decided to come out of golf altogether, although this gap didn’t last long. For 9 months Scott went off and worked for an East London printing firm who he had worked on golf corporate golf days for. Although moderately successful in sales, the excitement of the company car; mobile phone and company credit card wore off pretty quickly, Scott missed golf and sensed his future was there.

Very quickly he found himself a position coaching at Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club, and from day one he loved it! The gap was long enough for Scott to realign his goals to be more in coaching than playing and instantly he knew he would dedicate the foreseeable future to coaching. Within a few months of this coaching role Scott got the opportunity to become the head professional at Stapleford Abbotts, which then gave life to another love he had and that was for business.

Throughout his life it was evident Scott was driven to succeed, and wanted the finer things in life, and this new role gave Scott the opportunity to build a business. Within 12 months Scott had one of the most successful Head Professional businesses in the region, employing 5 assistant pros in a shop of only 400 sq ft. Scott loved leaning how to create great service for customers, how to train staff, how to market and how to manage money, all areas he still has a vested interest in today. His approach to all these areas has a strong coaching theme.

During the years at Stapleford Abbotts through his retailing success Scott had the opportunity to play an exhibition match in front of his members with the then World No 1 – Ian Woosnam, during a conversation with ‘Woosie’ Scott decided he would go to Monte Carlo the following week where the European Tour was playing. Scott spent time with Woosie that week as well as watching and quizzing other players on the practice ground. This experience gave life to a new goal, Scott wanted to be recognized as one of the World’s leading golf coaches and coaching Tour Players was going to be a necessary part of that. During the next 12 months Scott would attend various European Tour Events and confidently march onto the practice ground where he would ask players if he could video them and get into conversations about what they were trying to do and what they believed in. During these conversations Scott would have the opportunity to share his beliefs and as a result occasionally a player would ask for more advice. The first to do so in a serious way was in 1994 with Mike McLean, shortly after Mike began to improve and Phillip Price soon followed as a client. Scott continued coaching on tour until 2011. During this time he worked with and gave occasional lessons to some of the leading players including Per-Ulrik Johansson; Ernie Els; Seve Ballesteros; Mark McNulty; Barry Lane and many more. During this time Scott helped several of these players to victory on the European Tour including the memorable win of Simon Khan at the PGA Championship in 2010.

Scott Group teaching

Group Session

Due to some of his early success on tour notably Per-Ulrik Johansson winning the European Open and having a successful Ryder Cup, Scott had several interviews with Sky Sports. This experience sparked a new goal, to become a recognized TV pundit. With his usual persistence when he wanted something and the ability to explain things clearly Scott was given an opportunity in 1998 to work on a Sky Sports show then called Golf Extra. This relationship with Sky lasted until 2007 when he was head hunted by Setanta Sports the new rival channel to Sky. During his time with Setanta, Scott worked primarily as the face of coaching, however such was his presenting skills the head producer gave him the opportunity to host some of the live US feed as well as putting together his own coaching show. Scott’s was a popular and well recognized figure within golfing circles during his TV experience. In addition to his TV experience Scott has written and appeared in over a 100 magazine articles.

With now a love for coaching; learning; business and presenting it was quite a natural step when in 1996 Scott set up Cranfield Golf Academy. CGA started out at driving range on the North Circular Road in East London, within 5 years CGA was represented at 13 sites. CGA was an opportunity for Scott to train other coaches who would then deliver lessons to the golfing public in line with Scott’s beliefs. Scott loved the training and equally loved the research to find as many ways as possible to help golfers improve. Scott developed an holistic approach, initially and largely driven by his own golfing challenges, Scott explored the mental side, he was convinced his own poor performances were far more mental than technical. This void drove him to want to understand the human mind so he could help others break limitations. This journey lead him to the personal development industry, where he attended countless seminars with such leaders as Tony Robbins and Dr John Demartini. Inspired by what he learnt Scott was able to apply the lessons back into the golf industry which brought an interesting twist to what was traditionally being taught. This journey into personal development became a new love for Scott so much so that he started conducting his own seminars for his clients, to date he has created and hosted 21 different seminars. Since around the year 2000 Scott’s coaching has been as much about personal development as it has golf. His coaching has extended from average club golfers to Ryder Cup Players to Blue Chip companies as well as Business Leaders. Having spoken across Britain and Europe for many of the PGA’s, a clear highlight of Scott’s speaking career was the opportunity to speak at two European Teaching and coaching conferences both with an audience of a 1000 delegates.

For all his achievements and dedication to Golf in 2011 Scott was awarded PGA Master Professional Status at the time one of only 15 in the World for the field of coaching.

In 2010 Scott wanted to log his beliefs on learning the golf swing into a book that would be publically available, having written several manuals for the trade this would be written for the end user and needed to include valuable graphics and illustrations. It was important for Scott to put a line in the sand about his holistic beliefs at that point in his career. The project took longer than planned but in 2013 ‘Intuitive Golf’ – “How to unlock your natural ability” was launched.

In addition to pursuing his own business interests in golf, today Scott’s career is still a blend of coaching golf; personal development and business. Along with his business partner Simon Preston they have expanded their golf centre in Chadwell Heath from a 37 bay driving range to now include a 9 hole par 3 course, with the construction of a further main 9 holes and a Themed Adventure Golf Course underway. To complete the golf centre and experience within the next 12 months construction of a special beginners and leisure golf course will begin as well as a new academy area. It is their aim that this golf centre will become a centre dedicated to improving peoples golf and lives, and particularly family lives, as the inclusion of family activities will be a major focus for the centre. No doubt this focus has been driven partly by his own family interests. Scott was married in 2002 to Zoe and now has two girls Ella (2003) and Ruby (2008).

Scott continues to use golf as the vehicle to expand his interests in the fields of golf, life and business, from his own interests and participation to that of helping others expand and grow theirs.



Turned Professional


Qualified as a PGA Professional


At 23 became one of the youngest club Professionals in the UK


First appeared in the Golfing press with instruction articles


Started to work with Tour Professionals


Began coaching Philip Price who at that time was outside the World top 250 (reached 48th) and went on to become a Ryder Cup player.


Formed Cranfield Golf Academy


Coached Per Ulrik Johansson out of a loss of form to his best year ever including, European Open victory and Ryder Cup honors


First appeared on Sky TV and became a regular pundit on World of Golf and US Golf coverage. Appearing some 50 times a year on Television


Coached Zane Scotland to become the youngest every player this century to qualify for “The Open Championship”


Formulated what is now a successful and sort after seminar

How To Develop The Mind Of A Champion”


Created a 2nd Seminar “Magical Concentration” which was very well received by Tour Players.


Appointed “Face” of the PGA Euro Pro Tour.

Developed Cranfield Golf Academy to 35 coaches.


Coach to Robert-Jan Derksen during his victory in the Dubai Desert Classic beating Ernie Els. Coach to Bradley Dredge during his Madeira Island Open win including a round of 60. Keynote speaker at European Teaching & Coaching Conference


Key Note speaker at PGA Red Bull Master Class with Butch Harmon. Coach to Maxwell Martin, national under 8 champion. Named on the Golf Monthly UK Top 25 Coaches list.


Coach to Robert-Jan Derksen during his victory in Madeira Island open. Key Note speaker at European teaching & Coaching Conference. Key Note speaker at the following national conferences; Denmark; Holland; Switzerland.


Created new training manual for CGA, including training coaches on how to assess golfers bio-mechanically and psychologically, an industry first. Launched CGA’s Junior Scholarship program where young golfers will be offered free coaching and support from Scott. Appointed consultant to England Golf Partnership in the development of junior golf .


Head hunted by Setanta Sports to be the ‘face’ of their coaching! Left on good terms with Sky after 10 years. Helped create Scott’s Tips Show for Setanta Golf. Became certified to coach ‘The Demartini Method’ a cutting edge psychology and business tool, only the 2nd person in the UK to do so. Hosted 15 HSBC golf days.


Began hosting live US Golf Coverage from the Champions Tour as a presenter with a studio guest. Created ‘Holistic Golf Coach’ program to help other coaches expand their skills. Regularly featured in Today’s Golfer and Golf World with instruction articles. Max Martin won The European Championships by 12 shots!


Presented a live US Tour Event, as well as continuing with The Champions Tour. Created ‘new’ fresh presenting style for the coaching tips, which has been very well received. Regularly featured in Today’s Golfer and Golf World with instruction articles. Coached Max Martin to a successful defense of his European Championship title. Max is one of the leading players in The World for his age (12). Formed Carzo Ltd, a golf course design and construction company specializing in planning and constructing golf courses using environmentally approved soil.


Returned to working on Tour at the close of 2009 and worked with Simon Khan during this time Simon finished in 1st Place at the European Tour Qualifying School, and 6 months later he won the Tour’s Flagship Event The BMW PGA Championship!


Launched a 12 month mentoring program for the Foremost Group. The program encapsulates Business; Coaching & Life. 5 months into the Program a majority of attendees are reporting significant growth in many areas of their life and business! Awarded the accolade of PGA Master Professional. Awarded the prestigious ‘Green Award’ from the London Borough of Havering for the construction methods of the Par 3 course at Chadwell Heath.


Completed the development of a Par 3 course at Cranfield Golf Centre in Chadwell Heath. The first step in creating the south east’s No 1 Golf Development Centre. Completed the writing of my book Intuitive Golf.


First Publication of New Instruction Book – Intuitive Golf – ‘How to Unlock Your Natural Ability’ both in Physical and E-Book. Par 3 course opens to limited use, yet abundant praise.