Andy Henderson

Name: Andy Henderson

CGA Level: 1/2


Tel No: 07739 792073

Place of Birth: Bristol


  • PGA Qualified,
  • PGAs of Europe Tutor,
  • R&A Golf Development Consultant,
  • Stack and Tilt,
  • Golfing Machine,
  • Instinctive Golf,
  • NLP
Andy Henderson

Experience: 15 Years Teaching (12 in Poland, 2 in UK, 1 in USA)

Core coaching Beliefs:

1. Controlling what the club is doing in the impact zone is the key to solid powerful golf shots. I coach players to synchronise the movement of the club and the body, which results in a more consistent impact position.

2.If we focus on the target or what the club is doing, then the body should respond in an appropriate manner. My goal is for you to swing a golf club without thinking about what your head, arms or hips are doing.

3. The golf swing is best learned as a whole motion, rather than a series of positions. By relating to movements in other sports or in life I help players find their optimum swing motion, which above all should be tension free and flowing with energy.

Hobbies & Interests:

Foreign Travel, Reading (both research and escapism), Following Welsh sports teams.