Michael Peregrin

Name: Michael Peregrin

CGA Level: 3

Email: mp@cga-golf.com

Tel No: 07920 400629

Place of Birth: Hampshire


  • PGA Qualified AA,
  • Titleist and Callaway Custom fitting,
  • Vector Putting,
  • The Golf Athlete Level 1,
  • Jamie Edwards – Trained Brain,
  • Mechanics of the Golf Swing,
Mike Peregrin


  • Assistant Golf Professional/Qualified PGA professional at Portsmouth Golf Centre 2003–2011
  • Foundation degree in Golf Studies (PGA) at Birmingham University – 2009
  • Double AA status awarded in 2010
  • Cranfield Golf Academy Coaching Professional – 2011

Core coaching Beliefs:

1. Pupils need to feel relaxed to enjoy their coaching experience

2. Visualising movement is key to changing the way the body moves

3. Performance is best when pupils keep their swing thoughts external and away from the body

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Music and playing the guitar
  • Going to the gym
  • Watching Sports
  • Walking