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“After 18 years of training Cranfield coaches and getting some wonderful success stories, I am now looking forward to expanding this opportunity to other PGA coaches. The Cranfield Golf Coach Franchise will give you everything you need to grow a profitable business and become an outstanding coach.”

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional

Double Your Coaching Business in 2 Years with the Cranfield Golf Coach Affiliate Program!

Cranfield Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching and training is based on laws, what we like to call the truths. Opinion where possible is removed. You will learn the science behind Technique, and how a human being moves, thinks and learns, and most importantly you will learn how to coach in a way that creates a natural and effective experience for your clients. If you want to have an extraordinary career where you are inspired on a daily basis by yours and your client’s true magnificence – This opportunity is a Must for You!

Is it right for me?

This program is for any PGA Professional or assistant Professional who would love to deepen their coaching knowledge, become more effective for their clients, develop their personal life, and grow their business exponentially. You can be working by yourself at a club or with other pro’s at a golf centre, you may even want to start your own academy. Providing you really want to get outstanding results in your career, finances and life this program will work for you!

What will I get?

As a member of the Affiliate Program you will be able to market yourself as a Cranfield Golf Coach, use the Cranfield Brand, and get access to the full repertoire of Cranfield Golf Academy (CGA) materials and support…

Training – A program guaranteed to make you a highly effective coach in all situations.

Scott Cranfield started CGA in 1996 and since that time it has been completely dedicated to working with and learning from the very best in all fields of golf performance. Our research and subsequent training covers areas such as,

  • Swing Technique.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Psychology.
  • Short Game.
  • Putting.
  • Course Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Business Strategies.
  • Personal Development and much more.

Every year your Franchise Training Program will include.

  • 6 x 12 hour day seminars
  • 4 x 91 minute webinars
  • Up to 3 additional seminars with special guests
    (nominal fee)

After joining the Affiliate Program you will embark on an initial 3 day training program for immersion into Cranfield Coaching philosophies. To support your learning you will receive three training manuals to cover Coaching; Business/Personal Development and Marketing/Operations. Over 500 pages in total.

Business Growth & Personal Development – the skills to double your income in 2 years!

Not only will you learn the key principles to grow a business and develop yourself, you will get mentoring to make sure you apply it!

If you have the will we have the skill!

You will learn vital and incredibly effective tools to transform every area of your life, from business to finance to family. To grow a business effectively you must grow with it!

To help you run your business and marketing effectively you will get use of a bespoke Online Coaching Diary with useful reports. This vital tool will help you manage your business as well as allowing your clients to book online.

The extent you ‘brand’ your workplace is up to you (of course we will advise). To raise the profile and look of your site, you will be able to select from a ready made, tried and tested set of marketing tools, from welcome signage, to posters & banners and timetable boards with relevant information cards. Each site is different so you will only pay for what you need.

Ongoing Support – We will do everything we can to help you reach your goals. We only succeed if you do!

Of course you will have questions, and at times feel overwhelmed or worried, that’s only natural. Just about every concern you will have we would have dealt with since 1996, and we will be only too pleased to help. As an affiliate member you will get;

  • Unlimited email support.
  • A 2nd opinion service where you can send a video through of your clients to get specific training.
  • Access to an exclusive portal with unique training material, that is updated frequently.

Team Work – “you become like the people you hang out with”

There is real power in being at training meetings with like minded people sharing ideas and inspiring each other on ways to grow and add value to their own lives and their clients. Who you spend time with will have a major impact on your life, choose wisely!

Steve Orr Coaching

Training From Steven Orr

Advanced Fellow of The PGA

As Director of Coaching, Steven is constantly researching new material to ensure the Cranfield training is at the forefront of industry developments.

“In today’s competitive world, the coach with both high-level coaching knowledge and business knowledge will be the most successful. The Cranfield Coach franchise allows all ambitious coaches to tap into 18 years of tried and tested experience in both areas, and allow a coach to build not just a flourishing coaching business, but become a leading coach within the industry”

Coaching Tools

In 1996 we led the way with the CGA Assessment Process, it is now in it’s 6th Edition and gets better every time. You will have access and training on this unique form. You will be able to furnish all your clients with such tools as A Client Performance Journal and a Process Score Card, this is support material that really makes a difference to your coaching and your clients experience.

Training From Scott Cranfield

PGA Master Professional

You will learn vital and incredibly effective tools to Scott is involved in 80% of the training as well as transform every area of your life, from business to contactable for support throughout the year. Learn finance to family. To grow a business effectively you from his extensive experience of training golf coaches must grow with it! and working with leading tour players.

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